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Glenormiston Thady  [160]

Oxenholm Gideon [109][IMP]/Oxenholm Tiffany 91268][IMP]

D.O.B: 08/02/1992

Height: 13.2hh.


“Thady” has been an integral part of Garnet Stud since he was purchased from Barton & Sue Clarke (of Glenormiston Stud) as a weanling colt. (Thankyou Barton and Sue for breeding such a lovely stallion.) Thady is a real pleasure to handle, a true gentleman like his father Gideon and he passes his calm temperament onto most of his progeny. He is a dual registered CPBSA and UPWBDA, making his progeny eligible for dual registration. His temperament is exceptional, he can be handled out in the paddock whilst with his mares. He is very kind and calm, and was broken in to saddle and harness before taking on full time “Stud Duties”. He shows great bone and is more the traditional “type” of Connemara pony. Thady also passes on the Connemara pony hardiness which is an attribute that makes the Connemara pony much cheaper and easier to keep, invaluable in times of drought! Thady likes  people and will wonder down the paddock for a scratch. These characteristics seem to have passed on the progeny. The highlight in his restricted showing career was the Supreme Champion APSB Led Pony at Redcliffe 2000. He is available for a limited number of outside mares each season.


LFG Service Fee $600 AUS (plus agistment costs etc. if applicable).














Corrib Park Ballymac [162]

(Shelford Downs Berwick Boy [96] [IIU] / Glenormiston Macroom [1409] [INT]
DOB: 27/10/1992  - D.O.D: April 2007
Height: 14hh.

"Bally" has good bone but is a slightly lighter framed pony than Thady. He joined Garnet Stud in 2000, having been sold by James Crowley (of Corrib Park Stud. Thankyou to James for breeding and selling us Bally.) Bally has infused Garnet Stud young stock with his own stamp, he breeds on a "showier: temperament and also his refined head. His exceptional movement is also passed on to his progeny and we look forward to seeing more of his foals in the years to come. In his time, Bally has proven to be a kind stallion who love being with his 'girls'. Bally in his short time with us has produced excellent offspring; being very eye catching, with good confirmation and great temperament. He is available for a limited number of outside mares each season.


Unfortunately Bally Mac passed away, a tragic loss to Garnet Stud.

















Garnet Phineas [206]


Class 1 Black Stallion, DOB 18/10/05, 13.3HH.

Corrib Park Bally Mac[162]x Kilkieran Kirsten Macneill [1574]. 

Broken in and extremely quiet temperament.

Service fee $500 lfg.





Garnet Oracle [207]


Class 2, Bay Stallion, DOB 05/10/04 and 14.1HH.

Monahan Gumnut [173] x Corrib Park Macushla [1568].


Broken in, extremely quiet temperament.  Now a proven sire with three foals on the ground in the 2009 season. Service fee $500 lfg.



















Garnet Quicksilver [211]


Class 1, Palomino/Grey Stallion, DOB 23/10/06 and 14HH.

Corrib Park Ballymac [162] x Kilkieran Kirsten Macneill [1574].

Lovely soft mouth, great style of movement & loves to jump.  Service fee $500 lfg.



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